The Secret Nightlight pre-order has ended

Thank You to everyone who has purchased a Secret Nightlight! Our craftsmen are busy creating the orders placed. To maintain quality and fulfill existing orders, the Secret Nightlight can no longer be purchased.

We will be contacting existing customers with crafting updates regarding their order.

One World Set

Includes 1 world and 1 base

Three World Set

Includes 3 worlds and 1 base

Full Collection

Includes 5 worlds and 1 base


The Secret Nightlight is a customizable and interchangeable art curiosity. The base is made of resin cast from a local stone and used as the foundation for five different encapsulated worlds. A smooth dome contains each world which is then housed within an outer faceted shell - a world encapsulated!

A powerful LED light is integrated in the design illuminating the landscape. It is charged using a USB port. The light can remain illuminated for up to one week on a single full charge. Light functions are switched on or off using touch features. Add different worlds to your collection to create a unique and interchangeable artful nightlight! 

All Secret Nightlights are hand-crafted in our Vancouver studio. Nightlights include a USB charging cable.

  • Eternal
  • Aurora
  • Ember
  • Azure
  • Waltz of
    the Winds


From the first ray of Sun in the morning to the glowing nightlight in the evening, light accompanies us in all activities. It is a constant source of energy for the Earth and our bodies. It can provide us with a sense of security and comfort. It can also be one of the most beautiful sights!

The enchanting landscapes we aim to depict would be nothing without light. We wanted to combine the beauty and importance of light with our secret worlds creating the Secret Nightlight.

Light up your life with a magical encapsulated world from Secret Wood!


Exclusive pre-order price packages will be offered for 40 days or until crafting capacity is reached. Once the pre-order is complete, the Secret Nightlight will be sold on our website at regular price. 

Don't miss your chance to brighten up your space this beautiful and magical piece. 


There are so many beautiful aspects of the natural world to take inspiration from. Much like our rings and pendant, our Secret Nightlight is inspired by both Vancouver and Canada. A blend of ethereal fantasy elements grounded on Canadian natural landscapes shape the content of our creations. 
We are offering five different encapsulated worlds all inspired by the natural world. Create a combination that reflects your unique style and personality. 

Encapsulated Words:
Azure Falls
Aurora Borealis
Ember Spirit
Waltz of the Winds!
Eternal Supernova 

One World Set

Includes 1 world and 1 base

Three World Set

Includes 3 worlds and 1 base

Full Collection

Includes 5 worlds and 1 base

How does the pre-order work?

What is the nightlight made of? How is it made?

What is the size?

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What if I don't like my Secret Nightlight?

10th 2017

Pendant pre-order ends!

October 10th 2017

With such a huge success for the pendant pre-order, we are looking to create something new! One of the most requested designs we get is a paperweight… time to add this to our collection?

29th 2017

Experimentation time!

October 29th 2017

This is one of our favourite parts of the process, experimenting and creating new ideas! We want to create something more than a paperweight, this needs to be a piece of art!

10th 2017

Shift of ideas

December 10th 2017

With so many ideas being produced, the focus of the product has changed a bit. Instead of a paperweight, what if create more of a nightlight? Working on the logistics of making this happen!

22nd 2017

It’s coming together

January 22nd 2017

We have created a feel of the design that we are happy with. We are working on fine-tuning some details. We cannot wait to share our ideas with you!

Secret Wood Rings: how it's made from Secret Wood on Vimeo.

Secret Wood is a Canadian start-up that handcrafts wood and resin jewellery in Vancouver, British Columbia. Its beginnings can be traced back to December 2015 in a small workshop in Rail Town, Vancouver. Both Vancouver and Canada have played a key part in the inspiration behind Secret Wood’s designs. A blend of ethereal fantasy elements grounded on Canadian natural landscapes shape Secret Wood’s creations. Secret Wood’s collection started with a variety of ring designs and has since expanded to include pendants. Pieces are made of a combination of different types of wood and resin as well as additional decorative elements such as blossoms and flakes of gold. Some designs feature 930 sterling silver. Each piece is unique and one of a kind.


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